Davis County

Residential Dust Control

When you spread LIQUIDOW™ Liquid Calcium Chloride on unpaved roads, a lot of problems clear up.

*LIQUIDDOW™ – Trademark of Occidental Chemical Corporation.

Dust control is not dust elimination.
Calcium Chloride attracts moisture, and this is what makes it an excellent dust control product. LIQUIDOW™ is produced from natural brine deposits found underground, so it is safe for the environment.

Davis County requires a permit and flags for dust control applications. Binns & Stevens will submit that permit for you along with the permit fee.


Sign Up Deadline Dust Control Applied
April 30 – $20 Permit Fee May 13 – May 24
$45 Late Permit Fee ( May 1 – July 15)  
August Treatment Only – $20 Permit Fee August 5 – August 9


Due to weather, road, and traffic conditions, two applications are recommended. A minimum length of 400 feet is REQUIRED.


4 Flags are required to mark the location of dust control area. Please have area to be treated clearly flagged and visible at each end for the ENTIRE season (May to October). If flags are not visible, drivers will use their own judgment for location. PLEASE NOTE: All spots will be measured. Any footage flagged over the amount ordered will be billed to the customer. If you are unsure of flag distance and do not want more than ordered, please indicate that on the application.

Flags are available at the County Engineer’s Office at 21584 Lilac Ave, Bloomfield, IA.

Davis County Permit Conditions

  1. The applicant shall obtain this permit as outlined in the Davis County Policy in order to give the Davis County Highway Department time to prepare the roadway surface.
  2. Only Calcium Chloride or Lignin Sulfate (tree sap) will be approved. Used motor oil will NOT be approved for application as dust control.
  3. The Highway Department will maintain/grade the road surface if it is needed, as determined by the County Engineer or his designee. The Highway Department will strive to keep damage to dust treated areas to a minimum, by the Department will perform needed maintenance. Areas disturbed by maintenance activities will not be re-treated by Davis County.
  4. The HIghway Department may destroy dust treated areas after the first day of October as part of its routine maintenance.
  5. Residents must keep their dust control location marked with flags, until October 1st.
  6. This agreement expires on December 31st of the present year.

Flags are available at the County Engineer’s Office at 21585 Lilac Ave, Bloomfield, IA.

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