Hamilton County

Residential Dust Control

When you spread LIQUIDOW™ Liquid Calcium Chloride on unpaved roads, a lot of problems clear up.

*LIQUIDDOW™ – Trademark of Occidental Chemical Corporation.

Dust control is not dust elimination.
Calcium Chloride attracts moisture, and this is what makes it an excellent dust control product. LIQUIDOW™ is produced from natural brine deposits found underground, so it is safe for the environment.

Hamilton County requires a permit for dust control applications. Binns & Stevens will submit that permit for you.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: April 12th, 2024 – Late applications will not get dust control until a later date.

Due to weather, road, and traffic conditions, two applications are recommended. A minimum length of 500 feet is REQUIRED.


Please have area to be treated clearly flagged and visible at each end for the ENTIRE season (May to October). If flags are not visible, drivers will use their own judgment for location. PLEASE NOTE: All spots will be measured. Any footage flagged over the amount ordered will be billed to the customer. If you are unsure of flag distance and do not want more than ordered, please indicate that on the application.

If flags are not visible, drivers will use their own judgment for location.


  1. The contractor does agree in order to protect itself, as well as Hamilton County, to have in force a general liability insurance policy during the time of construction in the amount of at least Seven-hundred, fifty-thousand dollars ($750,000). A Certificate of Insurance will be provided to Hamilton County prior to any construction.
  2. Traffic control devices, procedures, layouts, signing, and pavement markings installed within the limits of this permit shall conform to the “Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways” as adopted by the DOT per 761 of the Iowa Administrative Code chapter 130.
  3. Work to be performed in May and August dependent on weather conditions.
  4. The applicant shall obtain the permit form directly from their preferred supplier, fill the form out completely, and submit with payment to the company they select to apply the dust control material. The contractor shall also sign the permit and submit to the Hamilton County Engineer for final approval and road preparation.
  5. Applicants shall make arrangements with the supplier and applicator of their choosing and financing of the work shall be the sole responsibility of the applicant.
  6. The only materials, which may be used on the roadway for dust control, are calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, lignin sulfonate, or soybean oil.
  7. The contractor shall inform the County Engineer at least five days prior to application so the road surface can be prepared for the dust treatment or in the event the particular road is scheduled for granular resurfacing, spot resurfacing can be applied by the County prior to the dust treatment.
  8. The county shall continue to perform the necessary maintenance and construction functions required within and upon the treated roadway, and if potholes or other roughness develops, the surface will be bladed to fill the depressions and smooth the surface. Any damage, or apparent damage, of the treated roadway resulting from any operation by Hamilton County, shall in no way obligate Hamilton County for its repair or restoration. Blading roads for winter preparation will begin approximately October 1 depending on road and weather conditions.

By completing and submitting the following application, I, the applicant, acknowledge that I have read and understand the above Hamilton County Dust Control Provisions.

Dust Control Request Form

The deadline for application has passed. Please check with us regarding late applications.