Monroe County

Residential Dust Control

When you spread LIQUIDOW™ Liquid Calcium Chloride on unpaved roads, a lot of problems clear up.

*LIQUIDDOW™ – Trademark of Occidental Chemical Corporation.

Dust control is not dust elimination.
Calcium Chloride attracts moisture, and this is what makes it an excellent dust control product. LIQUIDOW™ is produced from natural brine deposits found underground, so it is safe for the environment.

Monroe County requires a permit for dust control applications. Binns & Stevens will submit that permit for you.


April 1 May 10
June 1 June 10
July 1 July 10
August 1 August 10
September 1 September 10

After October 1st, Monroe County may blade the area thoroughly depending on conditions.

                                                            Monroe County now has a one time per year Administration Fee of $50.00 

Due to weather, road, and traffic conditions, two applications are recommended. A minimum length of 300 feet is REQUIRED.



Please have area to be treated clearly flagged and visible at each end for the ENTIRE season (May to October). If flags are not visible, drivers will use their own judgment for location. PLEASE NOTE: All spots will be measured. Any footage flagged over the amount ordered will be billed to the customer. If you are unsure of flag distance and do not want more than ordered, please indicate that on the application.


  1. The calcium chloride will be applied by the contractor you choose. Monroe County will coordinate our work with the dust control applicators. Each applicant will work directly with their own applicator.
  2. Applicator/contractor will give sufficient notice to the Monroe County Engineer prior to the intended application of calcium chloride in order that the road can be bladed and shaped by county equipment.
  3. Applicant must have dust control area clearly flagged at each end for entire season. 
  4. If, following the application of calcium chloride, county personnel determine that the section of treated road needs to be bladed, scarified or shaped it will e done without notice to the applicant.
  5. Monroe County will not blade up the treated area before October 1st, unless deemed necessary to maintain public safety. Determination will be made by the County Engineer. After October 1st, Monroe County may blade the area thoroughly depending upon conditions.
  6. There is no guarantee as to the life of an application of calcium chloride, which is largely determined by weather and traffic. The County shall not be held responsible for any loss of the calcium chloride treated surface material. This application is limited to this one treatment only. 
  7. The approved application grants the applicant permission to place calcium chloride on the public highway for the purpose of dust control, the cost of which is to be borne by the applicant.
  8. Any and all complaints regarding the performance of the dust control product shall be directed to the applicator, not to Monroe County.

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