Linn County

Residential Dust Control

When you spread LIQUIDOW™ Liquid Calcium Chloride on unpaved roads, a lot of problems clear up.

*LIQUIDDOW™ – Trademark of Occidental Chemical Corporation.

Dust control is not dust elimination.
Calcium Chloride attracts moisture, and this is what makes it an excellent dust control product. LIQUIDOW™ is produced from natural brine deposits found underground, so it is safe for the environment.

Linn County requires a permit for dust control applications. Binns & Stevens will submit that permit for you along with the $50 permit fee.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: May 10th for early application or two applications. July 10th for late application only.
This allows the county time to process the permit applications and prepare the roads for dust control.

Due to weather, road, and traffic conditions, two applications are recommended. A minimum length of 300 feet is REQUIRED.


Please have area to be treated clearly flagged and visible at each end for the ENTIRE season (May to October). If flags are not visible, drivers will use their own judgment for location. PLEASE NOTE: All spots will be measured. Any footage flagged over the amount ordered will be billed to the customer. If you are unsure of flag distance and do not want more than ordered, please indicate that on the application.

Flags are available at the County Engineer’s Office or at Binns & Stevens office at 1503 17th Ave East. If flags are not visible, drivers will use their own judgment for location.



The Linn County Board of Supervisors has adopted the “Linn County Dust Control Policy” for secondary roads. Individual participation in
the program is in accordance with the following conditions.

  1. Material used on any public highway may be any of the following:
    • Calcium Chloride (CaCl2)
    • Magnesium Chloride (MgCl2)
    • Lignin Sulfonate (Tree Sap)
    • Soy Oil
    • Seal Coat
  2. Effectiveness of material is not the responsibility of Linn County. Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride and Lignin Sulfonate are still effective with light blading.
  3. Notify the County Engineer’s Office seven calendar days in advance of the work. Linn County prepares all roads in the spring to
    repair winter damage and replace crown. Special requests for road maintenance prior to dust control application must be paid by the permit holder.
  4. Applied at such rate that it will not splatter under traffic. Any puddles that are formed must be blotted with sand or chips immediately in
    sufficient quantity that product will not splatter under traffic. A heavier application may be made if desired, and the entire surface must be covered with sand or chips immediately in sufficient quantity that it will not splatter or splash under traffic. Application will conform to
    specifications in the “Linn County Dust Control Policy”.
  5. Application area must be at least 18 feet in width.
  6. The Permittee understands that Linn County has no obligation to establish a unit price, or to furnish an inspector and assumes no responsibility for the work.
  7. After the dust control has been placed, the Permittee is responsible for perpetually keeping the treated portion free of “pot holes” by filling them as they develop.
  8. Linn County is not liable for blading through unpermitted or unmarked dust control sites. Permittees are required to maintain flags at their treated areas.
  9. The Permittee understands that by acceptance of this Permit, the permittee assumes full responsibility for any and all liability resulting from this work on a public roadway.
  10. The treated sections may be scarified and bladed at any time if it is determined by the District Foreman, Operations Superintendent or County Engineer that the surface has degraded to the extent that it affects travel.
  11. Iowa law specifies that the purpose of a public highway is to serve the traveling public. Linn County reserves the right to scarify any treated section and maintain as a rock surface. The County gives the Permittee seven (7) calendar days notice (from date of
    mailing) to take care of holes or irregularities. If maintenance is not completed in seven days the road department will scarify road
    section and restore rock surface.
  12. After sign up ends on May 10th, existing dust control, except seal coat in good condition, will be bladed to prepare the road and restore crown. Allow Linn County 10 calendar days before requesting to apply new dust control.
  13. This permit is valid until Oct. 31st of the year issued, and the County reserves the right to scarify all portions after this date without notice to the Permittee if in the County’s opinion the surface will not remain reasonably sound throughout the winter and spring a nd may negatively affect travel and winter service.
  14. The Board of Supervisors Policy for Fugitive Dust Control can be found at

Dust Control Request Form

The deadline for application has passed. Please check with us regarding late applications.